Team Illuminate would not be possible without our partners. We like to call them partners and not sponsors because we work closely with the companies that support us.

This year we’re really happy to add Bryton Sports as a major partner. They make GPS devices which all our athletes are using in training and racing.

For clothing, we’re fortunate to have Q36.5 making us custom gear – the quality of their products is amazing. We also use Oakley sunglasses and will be wearing select items from different brands such as Ten Speed Hero and BlackScale to name a few.

In terms of bicycles, we love Specialized and use components from Shimano.

IRC is our tire partner and has been a long time supporter of the team – we have had great success with their tires in the past and use sealant from a company called Orange Seal. Orange Seal is a new partner this year, but the truth is that we have been using their products for years!

See that’s the thing about us, we only work with companies and products we believe in and use on a regular basis. A good example is Rishi – they make amazing teas that many of our athletes use on a daily basis. Another company whose products we love is Abloc, they make these awesome water bottles that we’re helping test, further develop and market.

We’re always looking to add partners, but our standards are high and we don’t just work with anyone.